Her Sacred Fires

Last Monday, as the moon waxed to her fullness, a very good friend and I came before Hekate in honor and supplication. We opened the rite with a petition to Hermes, to open the way to the gods. We burned incenses and gave rich offerings. We asked for change and guidance in our lives. I proclaimed Hermes and Hekate to be the patrons of my art, my magic, my life.* It was a good feeling knowing that all around the world others were assembling to honor Hekate, whether it be solitary rite or communal celebration. Sorita D’Este, author of many fine esoteric and magical books, organized a ritual last year after assembling an anthology of the Titan-Goddess Hekate called “Her Sacred Fires”. Out of this ritual came the Covenant of Hekate, which I am seriously considering joining. I will continue to honor Hekate on the Full and Dark Moons, for protection and bounty. I have a feeling that she has much to show me.

Well, until next time my friends! May Hekate shine her torchlight for you!

*though the original ritual did not include Hermes, both my friend and I shared the view that it would be beneficial to invite him and ask him to open the way. I also have been a devotee of Hermes-Mercury for 3 years since my 20th birthday when I took on the name Mercurious. There is evidence of Hermes & Hekate being worshiped together, and in fact they share similar domains and powers especially that of crossed roads, gateways and city walls, travel between the 3 realms freely, and protector of outcasts, magicians, & the dead. Hekate held many epithets showing her triple nature and later on Hermes was called Trismagistus, Thrice Greatest.


One response to “Her Sacred Fires

  1. I love the pictures. Was happy to hear the crow call out when we opened…and had a very weird dream after…will have to tell you about later.