Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day

I’m trying to get everything in order, and consequently staying up too late. You see, tomorrow, September 17th is the 11th Annual Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day. Though it is called “Pagan Pride”, it is really open to all different sorts of religious paths. A bunch of Pagan-affiliated people get together in Richmond Park on the West Side of Grand Rapids and hang out. Vendors sell occult trinkets, books and jewelry. A designated area is used for kids to play swords with “boffers”. A jester goes around cracking jokes and belly dancers come out to groove. There are workshops, classes and discussions.

I am (staying up too late) attempting get it together because I am presenting a workshop at the event. It’s called “Landcraft & You”, the description I submitted is : “It sustains us, our bodies come from it, and ultimately we return to it. The Land we live on is alive with many creatures and energies, creating a web of interaction and relationships. The voices of the Land spirits whisper incantations into your mind, beckoning them to come dance in the wild places. Do you live in a city? Don’t worry, the wild & green places exist here too! Come explore the secrets of working with the Land and reach out in offering to the Genius Loci and other Spirits resident in the edges around your awareness.”

That’s all I’m saying about it so far. If you want to know more, come listen. My workshop is slated for Noon (12:00pm). Be there or… be busy doing something else, at least.


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