Convocation 2013

The Wizard of Grand will be traveling across the state of Michigan to the Detroit area tomorrow morning to spend 4 days with Pagans, Witches, and Occultists in a swanky hotel. That’s right, I’m attending Convocation– the Mid-West’s biggest Pagan convention. Convocation uses a different card of the Major Arcana as the theme for each year. I attended the Death and the Devil years, and this year is the Sun. It seems like I will finally get to experience a year that isn’t super heavy.

It is a great pleasure for me to attend this year because  the man I regard as my best friend, mentor in the Art, and spiritual brother, Matthew Venus of Spiritus Arcanum, will be traveling with me and my partner to Convocation. Matthew will be teaching 3 workshops, all of which I am greatly looking forward to. Matthew grew up in the Detroit area, successfully ran a coven there, and has taught at Convocation every year he has attended. Now, Matthew lives in Salem, MA with his partner working on Spiritus Arcanum. But enough about Matthew.

I am really looking forward to seeing old acquaintances, favorite authors, and meeting new potential friends. As a cerebral trivia-sponge, I will more than enjoy myself attending workshops and getting a glimpse of other people’s theories and practices. I hope there is a night when a group of us get together with some wine and have a philosophical symposium of the Occult into the wee hours. Ah…. Heaven.


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