Belated Beltane and a Hiatus

Merry May to you all! I hope that your land is green and blooming. It seems as though my microcosm of the world has erupted with green overnight. I have been awestruck by the swiftness of Nature, all but the oldest of trees are with infant leaves and flowers. After weeks of dark skies and torrential rains, the flooding of my land and city, the Sun has returned full-strength and the earth is very thankful for it indeed!

Since I posted our most recent article, I have accepted the opportunity for new employment. I’d rather not say with whom I am working for in an attempt to keep certain facets of my life distinct, though I can say I am enjoying the work. However, I have allowed my job to get in the way of the blog. I forgot to write The Curio Cabinet Spring Blog Series articles, “Celebrations of the First of May,” and “A Ritual of the Rood”. I let myself down. I do not want to let this happen again. I pledge to keep time for writing and maintaining this blog. The Curio Cabinet is very important to me. You, my readers and supporters, are important to me.

The Wizard of Grand and The Curio Cabinet Blog will be taking a hiatus for a few weeks, until about June in time for Midsummer. I am doing this because I know that I will be slightly overwhelmed in the next coming weeks with my job. I am also hosting Greek Easter this Sunday with my partner’s family, the Rite of Her Sacred Fires on the 25th of May, and my birthday celebration on the 29th. In between work and festivities, I will be spending some time researching and writing for the Summer Blog Series with my return to the blog in June. So, have a good May and get to know that Genius Loci, wont ya?


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