The Curio Cabinet is dedicated to authentic magical and spiritual practice. Since 2010, The Curio Cabinet has publicly offered occult and religious supplies and services to the Greater Grand Rapids community. With over a decade’s worth of experience in study and practice, you can be assured that products of The Curio Cabinet are genuine and crafted with attention and love. Take a look at our list of offered services and contact us for a FREE consultation and estimate to figure out what you need most. Bring some magic to your life with The Curio Cabinet!

Consultation- If you’re not familiar with this sort of stuff but you’re interested, it can be confusing on what to ask for. Don’t worry! We’ve put in over a decade of study and practice so that you don’t have to! We can answer almost any question concerning religious, spiritual, magical, and occult practice. We can consult on simple, everyday spells for money or love to grandiose, mystical rituals of transcendence and transformation. We love to talk about this stuff and help people make the right decision. Don’t hesitate to set up a Consultation.

Ritual- Never performed a spell or ceremony before? Like we say, we’ve put in the hard work of study and practice so you don’t have to. Leading group rituals for several years, The Curio Cabinet is knowledgeable about ritual structure, etiquette, function, and effects. We can perform rituals on your behalf at our office in solitary, or we can perform them in your own home. Your participation is encouraged in the setting of your own home, but not necessary. Do you want to make some magic? Let’s talk about ritual!

Workshops- The Curio Cabinet offers several different 1-2 hour workshops on a variety of topics. Workshops must have at least 7 participants.

Tarot & Cartomancy- Having trouble making a decision? Is the road dark ahead? Just need some advice? Well, with out skills reading the cards of the Tarot and other systems, we can offer you that advice. We work with several different Tarot decks as well as regular Poker cards and The Heraldic Lenormand deck.

Astrology- Is it in the stars? How is your fate spelled out in the constellations? We are affected by the Moon more than we know, and other Heavenly bodies come into play as well. There are secrets in the stars that can be read by The Curio Cabinet, would you like to know them?

Onieromancy- The most common form of divination in The Holy Bible is Dream interpretation. Our dreams are filled with dense symbols and mystifying landscapes. Put that Dream Dictionary down! Our dreams are personal, the symbols that appear in them are no less personal. With over a decade’s training in objective and subjective symbolism, The Curio Cabinet can help you find meaning in your dreams and put that meaning to good use.

Magical Perfumery- An important aspect of many religious and magical ceremonies are the use of candles, incense, and oils. The Curio Cabinet’s apothecary can offer many different perfumes for the Spiritual practitioner. We use %100 all-natural beeswax, herbs, resins, and essential oils. We believe that Nature has a spirit, to capture this spirit we only use natural materials.

Tools- What witch doesn’t have her wand, what wizard have you seen without his staff? The rites of religion and magic demand tools, props, and objects of focus. We use natural wood, clay, stone, gems, and other materials to create the right tools for magical practice.

Talismans & Amulets- A talisman draws forth your desire, an amulet protects and banishes from negativity. The Curio Cabinet is skilled in several styles of charm-making. From calligraphic images on parchment to sacred symbols etched in clay or stone, The Curio Cabinet can translate your desire into a powerful token filled with spirit.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us now. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to setting up a consultation with you. Make magic with your life!


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